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Like making friends with the mirror again

The most requested interventions currently are those to reduce the effects of aging. In this case, aesthetic medicine offers injections of hyaluronic acid, botulinum, regenerative chemical peels or more complete treatments such as the Needling Derma Peel, which require outpatient sessions after which you can resume daily activity.

Let’s see some of them in detail: one of the most effective treatments to combat facial skin aging is revitalization through hyaluronic acid infiltrations.

  • This acts directly on the epidermal structure through injections, called micro-infiltrations, which counteract free radicals, making the skin more turgid, elastic and relaxed.
  • The rejuvenating effect is quite evident.
  • Indicated in all those cases in which smoking, excessive exposure to the sun, an incorrect diet have left the footprints of their passage on our face.

The sessions are outpatient and last about 20-30 minutes, the number instead varies according to the extent of our problem. Costs range from 150 euros upwards per session. Botox injections, where botulinum toxin is injected, also have an anti-aging effect.

The effect of this aesthetic medicine treatment lasts from 4 to 6 months. The cost of a session of about 20 minutes is around 150-500 euros depending on the size of the area to be treated.

The chemical peel allows you to eliminate scars caused by acne and skin imperfections.

The chemical agent, applied to the area to be treated, attacks the superficial epidermal layer, eliminating dead cells. The skin regenerates and shows a brighter appearance. The sessions last about 20-40 minutes and cost between 100 and 200 euros depending on the doctor.

the-chemical-peel-allows-you-to-eliminate-scars-caused-by-acne-and-skin-imperfectionsThe Needling Derma Peel is a hybrid treatment, in the sense that it exploits the synergy of different types of treatment: it is a medical protocol that combines biorevitalization, needling and chemical tca peels, completed with home treatments that optimize the results of the outpatient treatment.

  • This protocol is also widely used, as it acts effectively on hyperpigmentation, atonic skin, stretch marks, severe photoaging, post acne-keloid scars and age spots.
  • With these treatments it is also possible to reduce, through re-pigmentation, the evidence of vitiligo spots, a disorder that afflicts many people and for which there is no definitive therapy.

The problems that can be solved with these treatments are many and in many cases allow you to recover your self-esteem.

Finally, aesthetic medicine also allows you to eliminate the signs of an unwelcome tattoo with excellent results but, possibly, before tattooing the partner’s name we count up to a thousand, better to opt for that of a son or mother, those are really for always.


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